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Команда форума
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Server [RU&EN] 1.3.6 Classic х30 - Connect to server
To connect to the server, follow the instructions below. Good luck, dear friend!

utorrent.pngDownload full client via uTorrent [Updated 10.07.2019 v41]
google-drive.pngDownload full client via Google.Drive [Updated 10.07.2019 v41]

Installing game client:
  1. Run setup.exe and follow the installer's instructions.
  2. After installation, a shortcut appears on your desktop "PWOnline Classic".
    Run it and update to the latest version of the game.
  3. Sign up to Personal Account to enter the game.
  4. In the game launcher, click "Game" and enter with your login and password, which
    You registered in the User Panel.
Download drivers for NVIDIA Download NVIDIA drivers from the official site
Download drivers for AMD Download drivers AMD from the official site
Download drivers for DirectX Download drivers DirectX from the official site
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