EN [Classic x30] Client update v79 [12.27.2019]

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26 Мар 2019
  • Winter has come to the Perfect World!
Updated textures, added snow.
Santa's exchange has been updated
  • A new custom packs
    New Year's miracle
    has been added to the Boutique
In addition to the drop from the packs you will receive a new resource Spirit of the New Year with 100% chance
Santa Claus will kindly exchange it for different stuff.
  • Added a New Year’s time-limited daily quest
    Fulfill the errands of the elders, and exchange the rewards for unique pets, a fashion set and other items.

  • Added a new time-limited promotional code PWONLINE2020
Hurry up! Grab the gifts for your character from the administration
You can activate it in the User Panel
  • Added
    tome of knowledge to the Boutique
When activated, you can get a certain amount of experience, depending on the level of your character.

Level Ranges:
> 60-69
> 70-79
> 80-89
> 90-99

The book can be used only 1 time per day.

  • Added 750 reputation points for full GV Delta run

  • Beginners now receive the following items at the start of the game:
Bronze charms
Training esoterica
  • Some small adjustments
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