Classic I Origin


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Previously Rednecks, we decided to make a new guild because we weren't very fond of the name and we had old inactive players & russian alts who provided nothing to the guild. We wanted to make something we could be proud of, so this was our decision by popular vote among our active members.

Origin is an English-speaking guild led by Zalev & Amezis, and although we are still relatively small (about 15 active members), we would like to participate in everything this game has to offer in the near future. That includes TW, PVE/PVP events and world map pvp. At the moment we are helping each other with leveling and gearing up. We have a discord channel in which you can find guides, useful resources, chit chat while you're not logged in the game, discuss and vote for guild related matters, etc. I would love to encourage all English-speaking players to join us so we can become a force to be reckoned in this server.

Feel free to pm any of our leadership for information or an invite:
ZalevvSky, Amezis, me (Syn), Imkasper, iSky, BLOODMYST
If by any chance none of them are online, multiple of our members have executor role, so send a world chat message and they'll be able to help you.