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A new serial quest called "The Legendary Elixir" has been added. Each stage can only be completed once a day.
Start by taking a quest from the Wandering Healer NPC, that can be found in the Orchid Valley.

The Wandering Healer and almost all merchants are dreaming about the Magic Elixir of the Seven Stars, which is famous for its curative power. He will reward anyone who can bring it to him very generously. Many are willing to pay even for the information on this miraculous elixir!
But do not rejoice just yet! In order to find it you will have to go through many challenges. And the success isn't guaranteed.

Stage 1. Looking for an answer
The task is available for players of level 75.
Experience - 300,000 points
Spirit - 100.000 points
Reputation - 10 points
50.000 Zen
X15 Festive dumplings (100%)
X2 Guardian scroll (100%)
X2 Golden Egg - 40%
X1 Treasure of Heaven - 40%
X1 Perfect gift - 20%
The first task is called "Collecting materials". It requires you to dig up the remains of the Orchid Valley Plague victims in search of the virus.
The remains can be found around the Orchid Village (they stand out) . Be careful though. Scavengers may appear once you dig it up!
The next task is called "Mutant X". You will have to take out a mutated person (The Plague Carrier). They can be found around the Orchid Valley.
(beyond the river).
Return the quest to get the next one: "Waiting for news". You will have to wait for a couple of minutes. Go make yourself a cup of tea or something.
The next 4 tasks "Informer 1- 4" require you to talk to several NPCs. Then you have to wait some more because of the "Waiting again" quest.
The next quest is called "Mysterious Search" You will have to find Mysterious Altar, which is located in the Dragon Wilderness. You will be given a decryptor (only for 6 hour), which is necessary to complete the quest. It takes quite some time to decypher (dig up) the Altar, time is random.
The altar itself looks like this:
After talking to the Wandering Healer, you have to find the Duke Blacke NPC.
Duke Blacke will give you the "Secret information" item, which will only last for an 3 hours. You have to quickly take it to the Unnamed Warlord NPC to activate the second stage.

Stage 2. Fighting Evil
Experience - 1.000.000 points
Reputation - 20 points
100.000 Zen

Golden key (x6)
Perfect gift (x2) (50%)
Treasure of Heaven x2 (50%)

Go to the Unnamed Warlord NPC, which is located on the eastern wall of the Archosaur City.
You will receive the "Fighting evil" quest, which requires you to kill 20 Invader island.
Kill them and return the quest. You will be given a "Golden Key" item (x6), which can be used to open the "Treasure of the Seven Stars" chest.

The Final stage
Now that you have the Golden Key, you will need to find the treasure.
The treasure can be found in the Snowslide Hills (352, 929). (Chests are scattered all over the location, so you have to look for them)

Find them, dig them up and get one of the following items:
Enchanted bulb lig.
***** of the sacred creatures
The magic egg
Special bag
Secret recipe
Magic feather birds
The fruits of mahogany
Green tree fruit
Resources are not bound to the character, so you can freely share them with others!
Go to the Xiao Mei NPC and see what is required:

You won't be able to collect all the necessary resources in just one day!
So you can either sell them to another player, or try to collect everything you need yourself!
So, you have collected all the resources and crafted the items. Take the "Legendary Elixir of the Seven Stars" quest from the Xiao Mei NPC.
In this final mission, you will need to find three NPCs: "Messenger of the Sky", "Messenger of Water", and "Messenger of the Earth".
They move around a lot. So it will take some effort to find them.

You can look for them in the following places:
The Messenger of the Sky - 531, 966 (37); 469, 557 (47); 136, 882 (29)
The messenger of water - 660, 870 (22); 158, 517 (21); 239, 338 (52)
The Messenger of the Earth - 504, 716 (39); 448, 925 (30); 173, 466 (49)

After that, take Legendary Elixir of the Seven Stars to the Traveling Doctor NPC and receive the reward.
Reputation - 75 points
Experience - 1.000.000 points
200.000 Zen
The perfect gift (x2)

Good luck!

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Ну тепо для чорненьких есть а для украинцев нет чем ани хуже навернае так я панемаю. Я вот и гаварю ещо сет украинцев не привазил так што рано гайды на украинском делат
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