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Update 45


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Russian User
  1. Was increased percents to drop 3 items from the mines
  2. Changed drop from random mines(for example: 453 619 http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/mine/4307 ) Respawn time of those mines is unknown!
  3. Added new quest(Newbie reward 20-40 lvl) in the Xiao Mei (can be taked only once at the acc)
  4. Added new quest(Newbie reward 41-61 lvl) in the Xiao Mei (can be taked only once at the acc)
  5. Added new quest(Flights for newbies) in the Xiao Mei (can be taked only once at the acc, flight limit - 30hours)
  6. The Past of Frostcovered City added in some bosses from the Frostcovered city
  7. Martial Art Master: was deleted weapon recipes
  8. Martial Art Master: was added two new ring recipes
  9. Added new flights at the event shop(fair) with time limit (1 minute) for fitting
  10. Added new flights at the shop
  11. Drop weapon shapes 20-60 was increased
  12. Legendary Weapon Forge: was deleted resources to craft weapon 30-60 lvl, required only shape
  13. Christmas tome was changed: Added new bonusses and time limit 7 days.
  14. Added new tome at the Supply Stash(lvl40) (contains 20% exp) with time limit 30 hours
  15. Tournament Agent and event: added 500 reputation at the final room (lvl90+)
  16. Warsoul Tag: Added two new recipes to create Source of Force and Phoenix Feather
  17. Cub of fate: At the reward 40-49, 50-59 was added teleport stone
  18. All players 0-60 after log in game will be recieve Geographical map and Teleport stone
  19. Description language was fixed to EN
Update will be installed today at the 12 pm or tomorrow at the 12pm
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