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EN Update v21

Тема в разделе "NEWS", создана пользователем Set, 1 фев 2018.

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    Set Команда форума Admin User pwonline

    Dear friends!
    Thank you all for participating in the New Year's events! Santa Claus has left the Perfect World until next New Year.​

    • Checked the dungeon "Valley of the Sacred Moon" at the request of users. The dungeon corresponds to version 1.3.6.
    • In PW Boutique Agent, a new necklace (top) "Puzzle Cube Badge·Vain". Features are adapted for version 1.3.6. To create jewelry you need 3000 Perfect·Token of Best Luck and 100 Rotating Cog of Fate (You can get a reward for 50 rooms with a chance 15%, and behind 60 rooms with a chance 30%)
    • Creation of the weapon of the Center of the City of Dragons divided into 2 grades. The second (final grade) - standard features of the 1.3.6 version.
    • The 'World seeker' again returned to the West of the City of Dragons.
    • Added new style kits: Summer school (Male и Women's), Set "The battle for fashion" (Male и Women's).
    • Fixed translations of descriptions of some skills
    In the near future, the improvement of the English client's translation.

    The game will be updated at night, the notification will be a few hours before the reboot.
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 1 фев 2018
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    Set Команда форума Admin User pwonline

    The game was successfully updated. Enter through pwonline.exe
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