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23 Мар 2018
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Update v26 mostly includes testable features that can be adjusted depending on the user feedback.
  • Introduced PvE mode for characters up to level 89.
  • The extension of the Archosaur City siege is being considered.
  • Marathon mentors have appeared in-game: More information about them in the upcoming guides
  1. Marathon mentor of TT 88/95/100.
  2. Marathon mentor of the Cube of Fate.
  3. Marathon mentor of the Valley of Reciprocity.
  4. Marathon mentor of the Frostcovered city.
Daily task 89 dungeon + The city of Eneia was replaced by 89 dungeons + 109 Frostcovered city.
  • Updated the anti-swear bot.
  • Other fixes.
The description of the update will be subject to change until the update itself, which will take place on 12.04.2018 23:59 (Moscow time)

We keep working on a new website and user panel, as well as an automated system for filtering obscene expressions.

We hope you appreciate these innovations! Well, if not, we are waiting for your criticism and suggestions on our forum.
P.S. The new user panel will have some sweet functions for the guilds and recruiting. Not just useless distribution of bonuses, but a really thought-out system of interaction between the guildmates! It's a secret, but it's impossible not to share ...
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