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EN Welcome New players!!!

Тема в разделе "HELPFUL INFORMATION", создана пользователем Tinkerbell, 12 дек 2017.

  1. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell User pwonline

    Hi There and welcome to PWONLINE.ORG !

    Pwonline used to be an all Russian server however is currently undergoing a transformation in to an international server.
    This means that the game is now translated in to English and made more user friendly for players that wish to play on a wonderful 1.3.6 server.

    The server is x15 exp and x5 drops and the PK is active.

    The endgame gears are R8 and TT99.

    If you are looking to join a nice and friendly english guild there are now 4 english speaking guilds on the server.
    RedAlert, RedNecks, Depressed and Kylin.

    There is active trading on the server however you can also ofc donate for gold at fair prices.

    I really hope that you will come join us in the fun.

    See you in game!!

    Xoxoxo December
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  2. evildozer359

    evildozer359 User pwonline

    маладец порадуйся шо тя славяны могут посливать. N1 to meet u my dear friend, glhf.
  3. Ramon

    Ramon User pwonline

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for a good private server to chill out sometimes, and I really liked the end game gear and server status. I wonder how high my ping is going to be. I currently have 20 MBps internet speed (don't know if it helps to know the ping). Thanks in advance.
  4. Dante

    Dante User pwonline

    Just a couple of things to clarify: Rank 8 is in the game but unless you are filthy rich or feel like spending years of farming coins dont count on getting rank 8 because it is over 800 USD(you can do the currency conversion to your country's currency). This is entirely WAY too expensive to donate for and the coin conversion is ridiculous to farm for.
    And drop rates are not x5 Compared to official i see absolutely no difference and i can tell you its only x1 drops however the spirit exp and coin rate is x15.
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  5. Ramon

    Ramon User pwonline

    Thanks, I don't expect getting R8 cause of money problems and I really enjoy going on TT and farming TT mats with a communicative squad. It's something I really like, share a moment with some friends clearing a dungeon.

    I'm downloading the game, anyway, I will test the ping in a few minutes. See you the game, Dante xD
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  6. Dante

    Dante User pwonline

    ofc bud dont get me wrong I'm not tryna draw you away from the game I'm just tryna make sure ppl get correct info before they start up.
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  8. Syn

    Syn User pwonline

    When it comes to R8, the most affordable way to reach it is doing FB's 24/7 and FCC. It will take a very long time but the amount of rep you get in fb's is amazingly decent.
    25 rep badges cost 1m-1.5m in cat shops. and the 750 cash shop reputation badge costs 67 gold and can only be used once a day.

    I think the best approach to R8 might be making tons of alts, and making a lot of friends so they invite you to their fb's. Also if you manage to get a full squad of toons with decent gear, you can run FCC on all of them. The reward chest you get from it gives 30 rep (plus good mats to craft fcc stuff), so that means 180 rep on one of your chars for a 1-2h instance run, pretty decent.
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