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Dear friends!​Today there is going to be maintenance work at 5 a. m. (MSK)Approximate prevention time is about 30 minutes.
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Congratulations to all the users of PWONLINE. ORG with the upcoming 2018!​Santa Claus has appeared in the main cities of the Perfect World! He has appeared to give us holiday feeling and happiness. He will also give New Year gifts to us!He brought a lot of new and interesting events…
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Hi There and welcome to PWONLINE. ORG !Pwonline used to be an all Russian server however is currently undergoing a transformation in to an international server. This means that the game is now translated in to English and made more user friendly for players that wish to play on a…
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Hi everyone. There will be an oppotrunity for our foreign people to use the game or the forum with convenience. Let me explain. There are some links or stuff for the game to be easier.
In the subject devoted to the approaching event Helloween Day a lot of text describing the contest and conditions. Specially, that you do not miss. >> On October 31, the Helloween Day, double the experience, trophies, spirit and bonus to donations of 15%. If you have not already read, then…
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