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The legendary project
Version 1.3.6
Server description Classic x15

The current version is 1.3.6 with 3 playable races and a few handy additions such as auto path.

Featuring increased rates:
Experience, Spirit, Coins gained from monsters x15.
Experience, Spirit, Coins gained from quests x5.
You start with an "Aware of Harmony" Cultivation, 300 points of reputation, Modified Weapon Box.
You will also find:

Newest fashion pieces, aerogear, and mounts.

A lot of exciting auto events such as Siege, Dark Beast City, Dragon Temple, daily races, weekly tournaments, festive events and more.
Numerous playable locations without any glitches.
Monthly PvP competitions carried out by our best Event masters.
Enjoyable and comfortable gaming experience.
Other features:
  • A lot of in-game ways to gain reputation points.
  • Third grade (109) Sage/Demon cultivations obtainable via an old-fashioned way.
  • The World Quest (Paperclip for a Villa) now has Magical Feathers, that can be exchanged for special aerogear or Scarlet Fruits, as a reward
  • Dark signs of corresponding levels have a chance of dropping in the dungeons
  • Only 2 players are now required to open a Holy Hall instance.
  • The bosses in Holy Hall now drop energy stones.
  • The Cube of Fate now has improved rewards for characters of level 90 and above.
  • The Frostcovered city now provides a special material called "Splinter of an Ice Castle", which can be used in crafting.

    You can get it from Frostcovered chests, one of which is given to you every time you beat the dungeon.

  • Bosses in Valley of Reciprocity now also drop energy stones.
  • The tournament gear now requires 5 championship tickets and also Mirage Celestones to craft.
  • Daily Bounty Hunter quest now provides an increased amount of reputation, as well as a random epic piece of equipment for players below level 100. As for level 100 and above, it has even more valuable rewards instead.
  • A new NPC called "The Spirit of the Past", located in the middle of the Archosaur city (a.k.a. The City of Dragons) now issues a daily quest.

    The materials, obtained as a reward, can be used in crafting.
  • All those who receive the Race winner's chest become known to the whole Perfect World! The chest itself now contains better rewards.
  • A new NPC called "The Spirit of the Speed" has been added, that can exchange the Fragments of the Speed for improved aerogear and new mounts.
  • World Bosses now have improved drop.
Together, we will bring the Perfect World closer to perfection!