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Special 1.3.6+
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Server description

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PWONLINE - SERVER [RU&EN] 1.3.6 Classic х30
Classic server with a 1.3.6 version of the game and high server rates (30x)
Multi-language game client for all players around the world!

Server rates:

- Exp, Spirit, Coins from monsters with 30x rates.
- Exp, Spirit from tasks x10, Coins from tasks 5x.
- Rates for item drop in the dungeons: 1x.
- In some dungeons (29-79) loot and percentages have been significantly reworked to be relevant for our high-rate world.

Game beginning:

- Status "Aware of Harmony".
- 300 reputation points.
- Modified chest with excellent weapons.
- When you reach a certain level, you can get: start-sets 10-20-30-40 level, geographic map, teleport stones, chips and more.

Game process:

- Some of spiritual cultivation quests (29-99 levels) have been updated - the number of required mobs / items has been reduced, the reward for completions (experience, spirit, reputation) has been significantly increased.
- Updated red tasks - more experience, more spirit, more reputation.
- A variety of self-developed daily tasks.
- Marathons with tasty rewards.

- Many ways of earning reputation points.
- Classic receiving 3rd cultivations in 109FB.
- Archosaur Invasions every Sunday at 18:00 server time (Moscow Time) with a duration of 2 hours.

- All the newest styles, flyers and mounts.
- A lot of game events: Random Invasions, City of Abominations, Dragon Temple, Snake Isle Race and many others.
- All working dungeons and instances.
- The random appearance of the special chests desire from which you can get a variety of items.

Bounty Hunter:

- As a reward for BH 100+, you will receive 2,500,000 coins, from 8,000,000 to 12,000,000 EXP points, 50 reputation points, and a reward chest that contains a random item (coins, mirages, chips, additional reputation points).
- In the reward for BH of 40-99 levels you can also get some molds and chests with a purple equipment.

World Quest:

- By completing the World Quest you will receive a "Magic Pen" which can be exchanged with Whether Manby for Flyer or Scarlet Fruit.

Eden and Brimstone Pit:

- Darkness shards returned to the monster drops


- Reduced required people for opening the instance from 4 to 2.
- The drop of Energy Sources has been added to the party mode.
- Increased chance of 60-80TT resourses.

Cube of Fate:

- A new reward for characters with 90+ level.
- You will get a good reward for the CoF Lottery.
- In the 18th and 46th rooms, 9 cards are required instead of 10.


- Alpha 40-55: opening requires 2 people, maximum halos at start-up, gates and updated rewards.
- Beta 56-70 level: 3 people are required for opening, maximum halos at start-up, gates and updated rewards.
- Gamma 71-85: 4 people are required for opening, 3 halos at start-up, gates and updated rewards.
- Delta 86+ level: 5 people are required for opening, 1 halo at start-up, updated rewards.

Frostcovered City:

- A good and valuable reward has been established for the tasks of the Frostcovered City.
- For each run of the Frostcovered City you will get the “Fragment of the Ice Castle”.
- The Shard Ice Castle can be exchanged for equipment of the Frostcovered City.